100 000 tonnes of textile waste, in India alone

Normally hotels refer us to their laundry partner for all issues related to hotel textiles. It is about time we do a joint effort; hotels, laundries and textile suppliers in order to find faster ways to reduce the water consumption in the industry.

We would like hotels owners to evaluate if our hotel linen and terry towels made of virgin cotton waste are a workable solution and then tell their laundry. Why?

It requires around 20 000 litres of water and 10-11kgs of chemicals to produce one kilo of cotton. Approximately 30-40% of all cotton grown end up on landfills due to fibres being too short or are non-useable, they are discarded from weaving or left-overs from cutting and stitching of readymade items. More than 100 000 tonnes cotton waste is disposed of per annum, in India alone.

Due to a new technology we can now recycle this virgin waste to make hotel textiles. The effect on the environment is substantial when using fabrics already produced instead of producing new fibres.

On top of that Eco certified hotel linen made of recycled cotton waste are stronger and more durable than textile made of conventional or organic cotton.

Do you want to contribute to the environment by evaluating it? Contact us now on sofia.stahl@varunik.se or 0760 930 676

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