Launching coaching & online training!

With a passion for eco friendly solutions

We want the textiles you buy from us to last as long as possible and for our textiles to help you achieve your environmental goals. We also want to help you save money on the care and handling of textiles. During the spring and summer, we have therefore reviewed our range and our service offering and now offer several new services that will make it easier for our customers.

We are launching several online courses that you can easily buy here in our online shop. The online training is aimed at our customers who want to know how to reduce the costs related to textiles, want guidance on the environmental impact of textile manufacturing, want to keep track of all eco-labels or need practical advice on how to reduce your own climate impact from textiles.

We also offer free general advice by phone and email so that you get started with laundry and care and are happy to brainstorm ideas when buying new or used textiles from us. We also offer in-depth analysis and follow-up of your textile handling in order to reduce costs when fewer items are sent for washing and to ensure that the textiles that are already in operation last as long as possible. These can be, for example, routines to prevent textiles from molding or being discarded, placing bathrobes, terry towels, washing carts, etc. or troubleshooting. The visit takes about 2-3 hours, is documented, and is accompanied by digital follow-ups when we track your action points and evaluate the results.

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